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Screenshot on 4.10.2014 at 3.23.34 PM.png
by Eliot at 3:29 PM
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There has been an update, you are now able to connect with 1.7.7 clients to the server. Contact me if you have any issues.

If any of you are being presented with this error when trying to connect to Octopia, please read ahead.

Minecraft has released an update to 1.7.7, which has in turn has broken a small protocol tweak used by Spigot. This tweak allowed 1.7.2 to 1.7.6 clients to join the server. But the 1.7.7 update purposely removed this functionality. Spigot has not yet released an official update to 1.7.7, so for now if you are having issues connecting, backdate to 1.7.6 or 1.7.5.

I will post more information as and when I get it.
by Eliot at 9:34 PM
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I took some shader screenshots of various things for the Planetminecraft server page, check them out :D


by Eliot at 12:15 PM
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Hi everyone,

Early this morning, our dedicated server had an issue. It was responding to ping, but FTP, SSH and web servers were down. I issued a reboot order and the server was brought back up.

As of now I do not know what caused the server to become unresponsive, but I am currently investigating it.

Sorry for the downtime. Both the server and the teamspeak are back up now.
by Eliot at 4:08 PM
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Today I was approached and an anonymous individual from Saudi Arabia asked to purchase the server from me. I denied at first, but then he offered a larger sum.
I agreed and the server has changed hands. I have been told a map reset will occur shortly, before the server being fully taken over. I believe that he will not honor any staff or donator ranks, so unfortunately you will all most likely be demoted. I have to make this brief as a term of the sale is that I relinquish all permissions as soon as possible. Thanks for playing on Octopia!

Have fun with the new owner!
by Eliot at 11:05 AM
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Later today the server will be going down for maintenance. The maintenance will begin at 12:15pm GMT. It will be for about 3-4 hours and will see a few new features implemented.

I will not be doing a detailed update list as of yet, but I will do so once I have removed the whitelist and people are back online.
by Eliot at 12:06 PM
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This post is not entirely server related but more to do with your Minecraft and other internet accounts.

Lately their has been a vast increase in the number of phishing links being sent on the internet which aim obtain account details for emails or for Minecraft. I wanted to post this to warn users of this potential threat and to ensure they take proper precautions.

The way this type of phishing works is by sending a link to a user which looks identical to the normal website (for example minecraft.net), but is actually hosted on a different website and is their to take your details. If you were to enter them, the person who sent it would be able to see your username and password. This would lead to some nasty consequences.

I wanted to post this to ensure that users are taking necessary precautions. If someone sends you a link and it asks you to login, ensure that in the address bar, it is the correct website. Also remember that YouTube will never ask you to login to watch a video...
by Eliot at 9:24 AM
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Hello all,

Staff applications have been wiped, so please make a new application if you have not done so already. Making not of the new "Reference" section of the application, if you are able to provide one.

We have an opening for a staff member on our team, please submit your applications as soon as you can so they can be reviewed.

Many Thanks,
by Eliot at 11:22 AM
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Attention Users,

Town upkeep has now been turned back on. Towns will be charged on a daily basis an upkeep. You can check your town's upkeep by typing /towny prices please ensure that you have sufficient money in your town bank to cover this amount, or your town will be removed automatically.

Town upkeep increases as more players join your town. So it makes sense to tax them accordingly so that you can keep your town up. The best amount to tax residents would be by simply dividing the town upkeep by the amount of residents and doing /town set taxes <amount> this way all residents will be able to support the town. Please be aware that assistants and mayors are not taxed.

Nations are also not open to be purchased as of now. More news on this soon.

Many Thanks,
by Eliot at 10:40 PM
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Hi the question and answer session this week was quite successful, several questions were answered. If you wish to listen back to it, then you can on the following link:


Many Thanks,
by Eliot at 9:46 PM
(2,254 Views / 0 Likes)
If you have any questions/suggestions, pop them on this form please, they will be answer tomorrow at the Q&A session on teamspeak and a recording placed here for you to listen to.