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by Eliot at 6:29 PM
(3,876 Views / 3 Likes)
Hi everyone,
I haven't posted any updates recently as I have been rather busy and haven't had time to actually conduct any updates :(.

In response to a post I posted not too long ago, regarding the new donations ranks, here is a list of the new donation perks and prices. These will be available to purchase from next Saturday (12th October 2013). On this day existing donators will be reverted back to the default server rank.
The new donation ranks are as follows (monthly payments):

Dirt - £1

/workbench (Portable Crafting Table)
/near (Find out if any players are nearby)
/hat (Turn your head into the block you are holding!)
Keep XP on death
2 Extra hearts added onto your health bar
10 Levels of XP

Iron - £5
/back (Take you back to your death point if you die)
/nick (Ability to change your name in chat to a new name. Colour)
/feed (Fill your hunger bar)
/fly (Ability to fly)
4 Extra hearts added onto your health bar
20 Levels of XP

by aureliusnoble at 10:13 PM
(1,569 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey guys, we've been doing lots of work on the server as you may have seen and hope to shortly introduce a new Skyblock world, a creative world, a pvp world and a redstone mini-games world. We thank you all for being patient while we changed host.

We took the downtime as an opportunity to introduce various new changes to the Hub and to Towny. The Hub has been completely redesigned, and is hopefully now more aesthitically pleasing, let us know your opinions. We also introduced a compass on the hub, which when right-clicked gives you a GUI which you can use to immediately access all other servers.

On the Towny server we have introduced a new lottery system, it is very simple to use. Simply go to the basement of the general shop and right click on the Lottery you wish to enter, the price displayed is the pot. It will then show the price per ticket and ask you how many tickets you wish to buy.

Finally we introduced a stock market plugin that links with Yahoo Finance to provide real...
by Eliot at 7:11 PM
(4,760 Views / 0 Likes)
Over the recent months Octopia has expanded quite dramatically to a network server. Out running fees have been raised and overall our donation reserves are all but exhausted. When the original Towny server was created our donation system was created along with it. Almost a year and a half on, the donation model is no longer suited to the server we have today. After extensive talks with senior members of the server team I am proposing to change the donation system from lifetime ranks to monthly ranks. A monthly rank system would ensure that we get enough income to cover the costs for the servers and hopefully expand some more. I am now proposing this to you the members and donators of the server and wish to see some of your comments on this and any suggestions you may have. For now though the donation system change is not set in stone, but currently we do know that the following will happen if we decide to change:
· Current...
by aureliusnoble at 4:24 PM
(2,072 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey guys, I'm owner again.

We recently added a new economy plugin called HyperEconomy. This plugin introduces many new features which we will hope will improve your enjoyment of the server.

All towns and nations have 20 days to sort finances, and had to reset all players to 100 which shouldn't make much difference because they will make that back again quickly. Basically money is worth 10x less, so you earn the same amount 10x faster. Consider this a minor reset, you still have all your items, and can use all your assets to remake money quickly. All towns and nations have been stocked with an adequate amount of money.

This plugin allows dynamic pricing based upon a hyperbolic curve, meaning that prices of items reflect supply and demand and as such we will have inflation when money is created while items of real value are...
by Eliot at 8:26 PM
(1,575 Views / 0 Likes)
Over the last week or so there has been a large increase in the amount of users who have been using AFK machines to bypass the auto-afk kick on the server. This is causing lag on the server. Large farms, redstone machines and spawners all use a lot of processing power for the server, which leads to lag. From now on a new rule has been added which bans AFK machines. I have installed a plugin which will automatically check for AFK machines and kicks if it believes you are using one.

Please contact me if you are kicked for using an AFK machine if you have not done so. (To fix any bugs).

Thank you.
by Eliot at 9:11 PM
(1,102 Views / 2 Likes)
Hi everyone,

The server is running a little low on donations lately, so any donations made would be very helpful, all donations go to running the server and assets.

This Autumn on Octopia I am happy to announce the following servers will be opening:
  • Creative Plot
  • Skyblock
  • Survival Games
  • Private Build Server (Donators)
Work on these servers will commence soon, and you should start to see more servers open up in a month or so. (Maybe less).
I am also considering adding some adverts to the website to help bring in some more income, and possibly having a premium rank on the website to bypass the adverts and have a banner or something under their name.
I am also thinking about possibly opening a TF2 or Garrys Mod server, now that we have our own dedicated server, we can easily host one.
Finally just a quick note to remind people of the Executive donator rank, which you receive when you donate £100 or more (cumulative) on any octopia servers. You get some...
by Eliot at 9:42 PM
(857 Views / 3 Likes)
Hi everyone, I am happy to announce the opening of the new RPG themed server, GuildCraft.
The server was made by Aurelius.

GuildCraft is our new RPG server that includes many classic RPG elements such as levelling up, skills and spells and different classes. It is a pvp based server where you fight each other and monsters in a small world to level up and gain money. You gain $500 for each player you kill. While you may just start off with basic loot that you made there are custom items you can gain by competing in arena's against NPC's. As you level up you get access to more spells and your stats such as mana and health increase. We will continue to add more custom items as the server continues.

Please comment suggestions and feedback on the server!

Thanks for reading

(/server rpg)
by Eliot at 9:26 PM
(1,041 Views / 1 Likes)
Hello everyone,

Towny will hopefully be making a return within the next day or two. I am sorry for the downtime of the past week. I will post on here with more information soon. Until the towny server is up, you could always have a look at the factions server, which is a more pvp/raiding gamemode.

Anyway on a more positive note, new server types are planned to be added to the network this Autumn on Octopia. The following are planned so far, and if you have any comments or suggestions for other servers please comment them below.

  • Skyblock
  • Creative Plot
  • Survival Games
With these new servers will also bring new arenas to the existing servers.
by Eliot at 7:45 AM
(879 Views / 0 Likes)
Hi everyone, it seems now like we may have finished with the hacking stuff. The server seems secure now and we are backing up regularly.
Also in other news, I have been adding cloudflare to the website, this is something which will speed up the website and protect it from ddos attacks. You may see a little bit of downtime on the website in the next day or two.

And keep an eye out since we are having some competitions soon.
by Eliot at 7:14 PM
(8,539 Views / 1 Likes)
As many of you know last night the server was hacked, now I don't mean petty client-side modifications, I mean real hacking, they obtained access to the server files and started editting them. This morning when I came on I thought I had fixed the issue, so I posted the blank spawn, added all the signs again and generated a new world, which took about 10 hours to complete. There was another attack about an hour ago, they proceeded to delete all the worlds. Luckily the plugins were left alone, so that will save time. I will have to regenerate the world, so this will take at least until tomorrow morning, so most likely it will be back up tomorrow night.

For now though you can connect to the normal ip and use the games servers or the factions server until it opens.

Thank you for understanding.