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by Eliot at 5:52 PM
(756 Views / 0 Likes)
I am going to introduce a group for players who have donated £100 GBP or more in total on Octopia. Users will receive a the rank Executive Donator, and have the ability to join an exclusive group, where you directly get a say in what goes on in the server. You will also recieve exclusive updates, and occasionally a little something in the post :p

Anyway, I won't go into more details, you will only find what all the things you will receive, is if donate £100 or more and join the group :)

Secondly, a lot of donators have asked me if there donation rank can be moved onto the factions server when it is up, the answer unfortunately is no. The rank you donated for was on towny not on factions, to receive a rank on the new factions server you would need to donate on that.

Finally I would like to note, that I donations can be made via a cheque or postal order, please email support@octopia.net for more information regarding this.
Thanks for reading!
by Eliot at 10:09 AM
(887 Views / 0 Likes)
Hi everyone!

The Factions server is nearing completion! It has taken a bit longer than I had hoped for, since the world generation was taking a while to complete. I am estimating sometime this weekend for the release of it. The next server to go up will most likely be MineZ!

On another note, we have received many donations this month which have greatly helped us! We are now able to not only continue with the hub server for the next month, but also upgrade to a better dedicated server! We are going to upgrade from our 16gb i5 server to a 32gb i7 server! But as always this means we need donations for this! So please consider donating, and now we have a 10% off sale for this week, and when some more servers have been put up on the network I will do a larger sale with more reductions!

On the note of donations, I am thinking of adding some more packages to the towny online shop. Possibly, town blocks, item kits, money kits, protections, enchants...etc. Please post a thread on the...
by Eliot at 6:55 PM
(1,600 Views / 2 Likes)
Since the server is being re-branded as the Octopia Network. A new logo will be required so we can look more professional. I have decided to hold a competition for the creation of a new logo. There are criteria which must be followed.
  1. The logo must be computer generated, no scanned in hand drawn logos.
  2. It must not have a white background, any space that is not being used must be transparent.
  3. The format must be .png since it will need to have a transparent background.
  4. Professional quality, I will leave this up to you to decide what I mean by this.
  5. There should be two parts of the logo, a symbol or image of some sort which can be used for smaller logos and user images, and also a text section with 'Octopia Network' written by it, for use on the website page, like the current one above.
  6. It must be of high-quality ( please don't compress )
I will create a forum area for you to post your entries with instructions on how to lay them out there.
The prize,...
by Eliot at 12:15 PM
(1,637 Views / 5 Likes)
1.6 brought us the addition of horses to minecraft, yet it is quite difficult to get them due to most items being uncraftable and only found in dungeons and other naturally spawning places. This prompted myself to make a horse pack on the server so people could enjoy the new feature. The horse kit will stay but you may only use it once. The create new saddles, armor..etc. I have added some new recipes to the server to allow you to craft various items. The new recipes are as follows. Remember if you don't give your horse a name, it may despawn if no one is within 50 blocks of it.

diamond.png gold.png iron.png

I hope these let you have some more fun with the new horse additions.

Thank you
by Eliot at 12:01 PM
(842 Views / 0 Likes)
At some point today the serve may randomly shut down, this is becuase I am altering some configurations, expect the server to be down for roughly 1-2 hours if this happens.
by Eliot at 9:31 AM
(1,385 Views / 0 Likes)
Hi, I was required to remove some user accounts last night, please re-register. Website is back to usual now