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Anyone Home?~

Discussion in 'Memories' started by Alexi Jackal, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Alexi Jackal

    Alexi Jackal New Member

    Hey guys, it’s AjJackal :D

    I was going through some old emails and managed to stumble across a link to the forums! It’s been a minute since I’ve talked with any of y’all. How’s life? Lol
  2. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    "Wednesday at 12:39AM" says everything about why this post exists
    I'm moving to Canada in two days

    I want to be 13 again. I miss the innocence and hate the hindsight thinking about these things. Of course I wound up here again, first it was youtube videos about old runescape nostalgic things, then finding out FunOrb is closing in one week, then I read through every school notebook I kept and found all my weird secret code messages and had to message my ex to get the decoder, going through all my belongings and their meanings, the last of my 3 remaining lapis lazuli pens my grandma got me but I lost the others because I was a dumb kid, my awkward attempts at edgy poetry and fake video games I'd spend far too much time creating. I would give anything to play minecraft for the first time again. To annoy Puffin more. To stay up late playing Call of Duty zombies with middle school friends.

    Sometimes I get weird fits when I'm trying to sleep where I will remember oddly specific and stupid things I did like yelling at Zombi_Killer for remodeling my town despite it looking really good, and that time I had a genuine crush on another lady on a server and I got her email and we talked for ages before I ghosted her because I was a year younger than I said I was, down to the details like her and my other friends making a fake minecraft birthday party and I wouldn't say how old I was for the the reasons before, I remember some guy named electricIce abusing bugs and pissing me off because its funny to make kids angry by shooting them outside of the borders of their towny claim. I understand now, random minecraft player, I do it now too. When I cant think of anything to do I play the shitty remake of Battlefield on Roblox because I got really good at it as a kid and I stomp all over everyone and trash talk because I'm way older and understand how to pick arguments apart better. I do this despite having the literal version of the real game right next to me. I don't know why. I keep looking through 20GBs of photos of old games I used to play and people I used to know. I even remember back when I was 10 and I got a little red camcorder and I wanted to make money making videos on runescape for green dragons in the wilderness by recording my screen over my shoulder while playing ew gross old disturbed songs through the speakers. I want to go to round table again for the first time with my three step brothers and play the arcade games in the back with the shitty need for speed one with the screen that was too dim and the steering wheel that was kind of sticky, none of them talk to me anymore. Why is my brain trying so hard to re live those moments. I'm almost 19 its too early for any crisis.

    I tried to talk to someone who I thought I was good friends with a few months back and I never knew his name so I reached out telling him what my real name was and the only response I got was "haha miner you're so silly"
    You little shit you know what I wanted give me closure
  3. Gore-Juss

    Gore-Juss Server Staff Server Staff

    I'm so glad I stumbled on this thread. I decided to come and see if the website was open a few weeks ago, and looked through old memories. I loved playing on Octopia, it was something both my sister and I loved to do together.

    I'm starting my second year of university now- I suppose Eliot and crew are close to graduating. Coming back at 19 years old and looking through some of the things I said as a younger teen is pretty cringey. I hope you two are doing well, as well as anyone else who seems to be lurking on the site! ( I see 4 guests online c; )
  4. charly369

    charly369 New Member

    Hey. I stumbled on this thread... didn't realise people actually still talk on here xD I was looking for some old videos of the server because my friends and I are having a nostalgia trip. There are loads of videos of them but none of me so I'm trying to find some on here xD If any of you guys saved some super old streams from when I was staff and stuff, that would be great. Also, if anyone wants to get in touch, needs closure, explanations etc. I would love to chat.
  5. Skylord_Helios

    Skylord_Helios Active Member

    Ahh good old times.

    Miss this server greatly.
  6. Skylord_Helios

    Skylord_Helios Active Member

    I only came on here because I found a video of some kid playing and you can see me, you, and TheChosenOneXke talking in chat!

    You can see us all talking in chat in this video.
  7. Nikko

    Nikko Member

    I'm looking for a guy called Wolfanite, used to be named Monkeyboybob. If anyone can get me in touch, I'd greatly appreciate it! His discord was lilLil#4047, but I can't find the user.

    I miss being a kid, man. No cares, sitting on MC all day having a blast. Maybe the past was cringey, but we had fun anyways.
  8. Clutch75

    Clutch75 New Member

    Life is good. Life is how it’s playing out to be. Looking back on the past I realized how many countless hours I spent playing on Octopia, mining quartz for Myrm or whatever else I did. Basically lost all of the connections I’ve had on this server besides Nikko and Con, but yeah that’s about it. If you need me, I’ll be in the void where I belong.

    Ya bois, Clutch in the house, signing out!
  9. Gore-Juss

    Gore-Juss Server Staff Server Staff

    I'm in my second year of University, and now I completely understand why Elliot and gang didn't have the time. I am exhausted.
  10. ceiri_

    ceiri_ New Member

    i now run a record label
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  11. Alexi Jackal

    Alexi Jackal New Member


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