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Buff Builder

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Overlord Collin, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Overlord Collin

    Overlord Collin New Member

    Right now Bob the Builder Class (B1-B10) feels unrewarding. It simply isnt as good as explorer. Is there some way to buff it to make it appealing and worth it?
  2. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Before I go off on a confused rant, what else would make it "worth it" to you sir?
  3. Overlord Collin

    Overlord Collin New Member

    Anything from better /kits to /repair enchanted once a week/month.
  4. Maddog5703

    Maddog5703 Member

    I kind of have to agree with Collin. The only useful commands (i feel) is /repair and /craft
  5. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Okay, I think I may be getting trolled here. Just off the top of my head, without looking at the configs, I know Builder gets increased block breaking speed, decreased fall damage, etop, book, repair, craft, enderchest, condense, clear, recipe, colored chat, colored signs, formatted signs, keep exp on death and three sethomes.

    There's more, I just need to look at a config file to remember. It just seems like this is the /repair argument again, though, and we all know why that can't happen.

    However, I'm open to the idea of more /kits. Give me names and items you'd like to see in them and we'll take a look.
  6. Overlord Collin

    Overlord Collin New Member

    I've yet to see any of these, even on the B10s that come on. And also, some of the commands are useless, such as; recipe, book, and I've yet to see clear.
    For kits, perhaps /kit create that some blocks in it like bookshelves, wool, quartz blocks would be nice, or maybe prismarine.
  7. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    You don't know what clear does, but it is useless? Confusion.

    Bookshelves, wool, quartz blocks, prismarine. You're making a library with carpets, a chandelier and a '70s bathroom? Interesting set of items, I can't figure out how those go together sir.
  8. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    To be hounest i don't even understand what the point of the ar thing is? It's basically rewarding players for playing on Ocotpia it doesn't make sense?
  9. Maddog5703

    Maddog5703 Member

    I literally U didn't know that half of these existed... I mean, what's book, condense, clear? I had no idea that builders could make "special signs" either.
  10. Skylord_Helios

    Skylord_Helios Active Member

    Guys Myrm put a lot of effort into making this Rank system, and it was beta tested and tweaked hundreds of times to make sure it is fair and balanced, I think you need to look at this in the eyes of a staff member, not just as a normal player.
  11. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Because of this, Granducks: https://mojang.com/2014/06/lets-talk-server-monetisation-the-follow-up-qa/

    As a server, we cannot sell exclusive access to things like commands, perks, etc. So there can't be "normal players" who have nothing and "donators" that have everything. There has to be a way for everyone to be able to get anything they like.

    So we have ranks.

    Anything available through donating, you can earn as a regular player (and will not lose). This complies with Mojang's user agreement. Obviously we love our donators to death (and beyond: necromancy!) but we can't deny everyone else the chance to get something they want.
    Granducks likes this.
  12. Overlord Collin

    Overlord Collin New Member

    Clear sounds useless, my bad.
    And These items are a massive pain to get. They are not building items for a single room, but building in generals.
  13. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    Oh now I get the point and a very fair and great reason to thanks for explaining :)
  14. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    I'm hearing a lot of opinions, but to make any changes we need details on what you want.

    Collin, Granducks, please do me a favor. Think of a kit name for each of the three rank paths, then detail the contents of the kit and how much of each item. Decide how long the cooldown should be, then give us an idea of what rank level a player should have access to the kit. For example:

    Kit Name: Lego
    Rank Level: Builder 5
    Cooldown: 1 hour
    128 Stone Bricks
    128 Clay Bricks
    64 Nether Bricks
    32 Quartz Blocks

    One kit for each rank path, if you have a reason why you want to add a specific item explain it. CAUTION: You cannot add any item to a kit that can be sold at the spawn shops. That creates a "free money" loop. So no adding "100 Coal Blocks!!" to a kit.

    Good luck.
  15. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    Kit Name: Stone
    Rank Level: B4
    Cooldown: 2 Hours
    64 Cobblestone
    64 Stone
    64 Stone Bricks
    32 Mossy CobbleStone Or Mossy Stone Bricks
    32 Chiseled Stone Bricks
    16 Stone Slabs
    16 Cobblestone Slabs
    16 Cracked Stone Bricks

    Its just an idea you can edit it if you want :) i think the kit name might be changed but i cant think of a good one?
  16. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Do a Google search for "stone synonyms" and pick an interesting sounding one. I like that all of these items can be crafted, that makes the /kit just a time saver.

    What about Explorer and Fighter?
  17. thomas9078

    thomas9078 Server Staff Server Staff

    I do like the idea of another /kit, this could be relay nice.

    Maybe another suggestion for the Builder rank B10 and higher (when you can get to it) and has a cool down of an hour or so.

    I know what you are thinking, this guy is stupid, this is a survival server not creative; just hear me out.

    How about a world-edit that takes the items out of your inventory to place them somewhere, and when you do //clear, it puts the items back in your inventory.
    So if i wanted to place oak wood planks on and over a 2 plot size, i would have to have 2 plots worth of oak wood planks in my inventory for it to work. Otherwise it would come up with an 'Error' message.

    And while I am writing this, I realize that this is a stupid idea and some people may use it for griefing and such, although griefing is allowed in the wild.

    Just a thought I have had on my mind for a while now.


    P.s. What about a /anvil ???
  18. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    ./kit Rock?
  19. thomas9078

    thomas9078 Server Staff Server Staff

    Nice, simple, i like it.
  20. armadillo28

    armadillo28 New Member

    thought i might as well add my opinion. ALL the materials people have suggested so far for /kits are really easy to gather/farm if you actually bother to put in some effort:
    Bookshelves - make a cow farm and a sugarcane farm
    wool - make a sheep farm/spider farm
    quartz blocks - dig around in the nether for a bit
    prismarine - this one's a bit more difficult if you don't have a farm but there's probably one out there which you can use (or you could make your own who knows)
    all the stones - i don't think i need to explain this one

    Players from all ranks have perks, those perks are generally fair between them as far as i can tell. just because you're too lazy to go and get the materials it doesn't mean the rank system is "unfair."

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