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Drive Failure - Rollback

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    30 minutes ago I received multiple error reports via email from our host saying that our hard drive had failed. It is no longer functioning and all data that was on it is not recoverable.

    This means that unfortunately the server was deleted. There is literally nothing I can do right now to get the server back as it was today, it is completely out of my control.

    What I am doing however is restoring the last backup which was sent to our off-site backup server and this was on the 19th January 2015. This then means that there is a 2 day rollback. I am extremely sorry about this and am working as quickly as possible to get the server back online.


    The server has been restored from our last backup off the server on the 19th.
    Stats won't have changed and you may find you are ranked up few ranks randomly.
    Our creative inventory logging systems database has also been salvaged, this may result in some players possibly having their inventories.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
  2. conman851

    conman851 New Member

  3. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    It's not really, I feel awful because of what has happened. With SSDs it is very unlikely that there will be a drive failure with a properly maintained server, which ours is. Extreme bad luck.
  4. Gore-Juss

    Gore-Juss Server Staff Server Staff

    Don't worry Eliot. Accidents happen and you're trying your best. I'm sorry this happened.
  5. ivesaur1990

    ivesaur1990 Member

    Well even though my town Orion is now non-existent, I am glad I am rid of Mr. Rono putting his "Herobrine is watching" signs everywhere....
  6. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Are you sure this was DoctorRono? If so I am extremely sorry that he was irritating you.
    ivesaur1990 likes this.
  7. charly369

    charly369 New Member

    Psssssssssst.... It was Eliot <.< >.>
    ivesaur1990 likes this.
  8. ivesaur1990

    ivesaur1990 Member

    It was... Eliot?!? Now I'm disliking both of you.....
    (it's a joke)

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