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Economy Changes

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    The new shops have been added to spawn. The prices has changed so it may take you a little bit to get used to them. In order for the new economy system to work properly, all players and town balances are being reset. Please do not cause a fuss about this, it is needed. Town upkeep will be turned off for a few days, to give people time to add money to their towns. Please note that the larger the town the higher the upkeep (just added this feature). This will mean mayors will most likely have to properly tax their residents, to keep up the town. Many thanks to Myrmidous for the help in making the new system.
    If you have any questions please ask.

    Please note anyone who has donated within the last 10 days will have money added to their In Game account, for the new donation amounts.

    P3NGUIINS Member

    Nope nope nope now :( your making sub cry! It was struggling enough to keep your town up before because you could make no money but now its a whole different story. You can't earn literally anything! Think of the pandas!/Sub
  3. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    When you have a moment we would appreciate the new town upkeep prices. Just for planning purposes so I know how much effort to put in a day to keep Bastion moving along.

    I'm assuming the rest of the shops will slowly come online as prices are arranged. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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