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Happy New Year

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Greetings Everyone,

    2014 is now upon us, and with a new year brings the server new ideas and features. Similarly to last year we are going to outline what we are going to try and achieve in this coming year.

    So this is our "To Do List":
    • Change the economy system
    • Add more donation ranks (eg, add a system by which monthly donators are better rewarded)
    • Add some games again to the server
    • Host more events
    • Branch off into different games (TF2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, Terraria....etc)
    • Produce a stronger management, utilizing knowledge and ideas from all staff and users
    • Bring back a veteran/trusted rank to reward long standing members who add to our community
    • Optimise the website
    • Possibly (This is in no way certain) bring back the factions server
    • Add the creative server back - in turn bring creative build competitions
    • Begin to add custom plugins to the server

    If you have any suggestions or any comments about what our plans are, or what they should be, please do not hesitate to leave a friendly comment below. We would also like to hear about your highlights from 2013, again, do not hesitate to let us know what you have loved or hated from 2013. We wish you a joyful, happy and hopefully Octopia-filled 2014.

    Happy New Year from the Octopia Owners!
  2. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    Sounds good, but about monthly recurring donations: Are we supposed to get the 200k bonus on start of each recurring donation or each payment?
  3. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Looking forward to the economy change, I am sure everyone would appreciate a better reward for effort system. No fancy economy plugins needed, chest signs work just fine.

    Regarding branching into other games, I have questions. Actually I had to reformat this into a list to make it more organized:
    1. I thought this was a Minecraft server...? My wife and I were looking for a dedicated server instance. Wrong place?
    2. We're going to start up instances for Team Fortress, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike (PTSD flashbacks ahhhhh) and Terraria? This sounds like a serious dilution of resources. Do we have the memory to support all of these?
    3. Has anyone begun looking into advertising on five different genres at the same time?
    4. Where will the players come from?
    5. Where will the admins come from?
    I'm not adverse to any of these changes, however some thought needs to be put into them. Changing just to change only works if you're Microsoft... and even then Windows Vista was publicly acknowledged to be a total failure. ;)
  4. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    The server does lag a bit sometimes (Block lag, phantom blocks, etc) Not sure if glitching or because the server is hosted in some far away land thats not the USA (Which is probably it) But as another thing, why is the server built to hold 100 people when the most we've had recently is 25?
  5. Gemini908

    Gemini908 Member

    Ah.... Nothing like a server crash to start the new year :)
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  6. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Yes, as this gives a monthly incentive as well to continue with the donation.

    We are currently running on a 16GB RAM dedicated server, the towny server currently has 5GB of RAM allocated to it, this is plenty for it, as it barely uses 2gb at the best of times. I thought possibly having a few other servers which are relatively "Low RAM" per say, such as TF2 or Garry's Mod, especially with TF2 auto-allocate a server system, it is possible to have 24 random people on a server playing, of which adverts could be rolled in the chat and we may get some nibbles off of our metaphorical fishing line. It was only an idea, nothing dead certain yet.

    As to the dilution of resources, I don't think the server as it is makes sufficent use of our resources, the reason we have a dedicated server instead of just going and buying a 5GB minecraft server from a minecraft host is that it can cost ridiculous ammounts from a Minecraft host. I mean seriously our old host was selling a 4gb server for £29.99 a month. I don't think we have a great danger of taking resources off of the towny server with the space we have at the moment.

    The server may currently lag a bit, as we are pretty much running 1.6.4 plugins with a 1.7.4 bukkit server. This leads to errors/glitches in the servers runtime and can cause a bit of lag, there is nothing we can do about this until ll plugins have been updated, and they almost all have been.

    We are hosted at a Data Centre in France, I chose this, not only because of the great price, but also because they have their own internet backbone network across Europe, and have lines running straight to the US aswell. You should have a reasonable connection if you are connecting from the US, so any lag will most likely be server side at the moment, and not connection.

    The server isn't " built" to hold 100, it is literally just a line in the config that has been changed, it has no real adverse effect on the server resource wise, it only has an effect when people fill those slots. We have 100 as for a start is a nice number :p , secondly it makes the server look a bit better, when new players see a server with 100 slots, it gives an impression that it is a good one. Don't ask me why, it does, I conducted trials over the summer with different slot sizes and Planetminecraft post bumps, higher slots correlated with more people joining.

    I have just restarted the server, staff have been re-warned over the adverse use of world edit, lets hope that take head of the advice.
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  7. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    ^ This was a well thought out response, appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    No problem. Any other concerns/question anyone, please ask I will be happy to answer them :)
  9. oliviarose01

    oliviarose01 New Member

    Just to start this off, I wish everyone the happiest, brightest, warm, safe, best new year! This is going to be a great change to Octopia, Eliot. I never get the chance to say thank you :) . You care for all of us and we care the same to you back. I try to get my friends onto this server but this year is a little hectic for them. Thank you!
    1) Can we change some staff? Some are NEVER on and some (out of complaints, not mine) are apparently rude. I think there might need to be a staff change.
    2) I think we should definitely add more things like creative and factions.
    3) Can you fix some lags? I'm not really speaking for me on this one. Many people say they get really laggy on the server. I don't think I've ever had lag. Maybe I've forgotten?
    4) Maybe and JUST maybe, there can be some new rules added. I think this might already be a rule but bullying. People on other servers like to bully me WAY to much because the Admin is a jerk and doesn't care if they are. (Apperantly he doesn't allow hacking but has someone who hacks on the server who doesn't care! And he said he would hack me if I stood up for myself.) I just want to prevent this from happening on Octopia in the future.
    I think that everyone is really close on this server that its like we're all one giant, minecraft family. We should have each others backs and work together as a team this year. We should have less complaints about each other. Did you ever hear that if you've been fighting to much in a war, you get weak, and a new enemy comes to conquer you? Well its kind of like a reference to people to. If we're fighting with each other more and more, we can have big issues. I know how to deal with a lot of these issues and respond in the most best way possible. I hope we can help the server get bigger and stronger this year! Are you guys in? Please help! Eliot and the rest of the owners and staff can't just do this alone by making it a rule! We need to accomplish this ourselves! I hope this message can spread word but only you guys can spread it. Love ya!
    Olivia Rose :)
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  10. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    Ok, most of the staff are never on, I agree with this. Candy and Piman are only on for maybe an hour a day (Pi) and once every couple days (Candy) unless I'm mistaken. Mostly this is because much of the staff team is from England. However, I do feel we need staff from the US, qualified with all punishment privileges. Mostly because there is nobody on to deal with things last at night in england and nearly evening in US. Plus, the JrStaff are on almost ALL the time.

    Complaints on the forums have merely been about rule breaking or people who feel decisions have been made wrong. They are about correcting and making better, not tearing apart the community. I don't think we need more rules either, they need to be specified MORE, and be redefined with a set of procedures for the staff. (P.S we do have a rule about disrespect)
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  11. Gemini908

    Gemini908 Member

    Myrmwife, Kiki, and Puffin are the most active.
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  12. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    ^ When my wife isn't on I am normally around. Kind of like a two for one deal, I can always walk in the other room and tell her something's up.
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  13. xcalx1dw

    xcalx1dw New Member

    Happy New year and everything...
  14. Myrmwife

    Myrmwife Server Staff Server Staff

    I do have to give Piman credit he has been on a lot more lately. He has been on a lot since I have logged on. He is an awesome headstaff and he does not mess around and we need more people like him. I know I am trying my best as a Jr. Staff but I can only do so much to help. Kiki and Puffin are doing the best they can as well.
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  15. dig4carrots

    dig4carrots Member

    I know ur gonna think "thats stupid" but what about big scale building characters then guesssing who they are?

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