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Logo Competition

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Since the server is being re-branded as the Octopia Network. A new logo will be required so we can look more professional. I have decided to hold a competition for the creation of a new logo. There are criteria which must be followed.
    1. The logo must be computer generated, no scanned in hand drawn logos.
    2. It must not have a white background, any space that is not being used must be transparent.
    3. The format must be .png since it will need to have a transparent background.
    4. Professional quality, I will leave this up to you to decide what I mean by this.
    5. There should be two parts of the logo, a symbol or image of some sort which can be used for smaller logos and user images, and also a text section with 'Octopia Network' written by it, for use on the website page, like the current one above.
    6. It must be of high-quality ( please don't compress )
    I will create a forum area for you to post your entries with instructions on how to lay them out there.
    The prize, if your logo is chosen, is 2 months worth of King donator rank on a server of your choice, (if the hub server is up by then). There is currently not a set time limit, but I may add one. For now assume they need to be in, in under weeks time.
    Please do not be offended if your entry is not chosen.
    Thank you for reading, and I eagerly await your entries.
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  2. CocoSmidge02

    CocoSmidge02 Member

    um Eliot,i have made one but i dont know where to post it can u plz make a forum:cool:
  3. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    There is now a topic under the server section in the forums! :)
  4. CocoSmidge02

    CocoSmidge02 Member

  5. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

  6. Jack55123

    Jack55123 Guest

    lol nice emoticon:p
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