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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Drew_Peacock, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Drew_Peacock

    Drew_Peacock New Member

    This is a suggestion but I would like to see or know if we could have MCMMO on Octopia, Because I would like have it on the server.
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  2. Kyokun

    Kyokun New Member

    From previous experience with running McMMO on a Towny Server, I come with mixed feelings about this.
    Granted, the plugin adds a whole world of amazing experiences to the gameplay. But it comes along with many ways of abuse and loopholes, together with a whole bunch of trial-and-error configuring the plugin to work best in the corresponding server environment.
    However, that's nothing that cannot be done with some patience and hard work.

    However, speaking clearly against McMMO is the current ranking system, which kind of does what McMMO does, just in a different way. Adding McMMO would either conflict with the ranking system or force it to be adjusted accordingly.

    TL;DR: If Eliot finds a way to add a milded down McMMO which works together with the ranking system, then that'd be a great addition to the server.
  3. Toby_Larone

    Toby_Larone New Member

    I really dont think it is the same, as McMMO adds stats that help you a lot, whereas the ranking system that is in now only give you commands.
  4. ttelge

    ttelge New Member

    If @Eliot wants to think about this, I'm openly offering my time to develop a fork of McMMO specific to the server's needs, and tailored as best as possible to accommodate our current ranking system.
  5. thomas9078

    thomas9078 Server Staff Server Staff

    As @Kyokun said, and from what I can gather from reading up on the McMMO plugin, it is not that different from the current AutoRank system that we currently have. Granted, I have not experienced it first hand and can not make a defined comparison and conclusion. Yet it still stands that both plugins are made to enhance the players MineCraft experience and give them different powers and ranks in-game once they have completed cirtain tasks set out in the configoration. To that end, not that I have a lot of understanding on how the AutoRank plugin and McMMO plugin work. It does look to me like they would clash. And, it just sounds a bit silly to have two ranking systems.

    [EDIT]: After reading more into the McMMO plug-in. I do see that it does offer a few different ways in which you can rank up.
  6. ttelge

    ttelge New Member

    Hypothetically, we could sync the ranking between the two plugins by modifying the permissions structure of McMMO, and make McMMO ranking happen silently, so it just... happens alongside the current system without disturbing the current order. For example, Instead of McMMO using event listening to rank up and give abilities, it would check autorank path and rank.
  7. thomas9078

    thomas9078 Server Staff Server Staff

    It is certainly an interesting suggestion. I think that we should let @Eliot decide on this. If @Myrmidous was here, he would most probably have a lot to say about this, but he is not.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015
  8. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    This all sounds very interesting, I would be happy to speak to you all on Teamspeak at some point about this.

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