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Minor (And repeated) requests.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by brosif11, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. brosif11

    brosif11 Member

    Here are some things that would make Octopia a little bit better:

    Jobs Plugin (Or even an Auction type plugin? I know they exist)

    /co i (Is this already a thing open to the public? I haven't checked yet)


    Better Builder Rank kits!

    Starter kits? (Other than the tools and helmet you get upon entering the game)

    Allow players to make warps for a price (Again, I know this one exists)
    Although some players may be able to make spawn traps out of them, maybe a way for Warps to be authorized by staff before being public would help. just a thought.

    I know these are repeated but I feel that they would make a good impact on the server, but that is only my thoughts.

    Thank you, Brosif11 of Mortalia.
  2. Piman2007

    Piman2007 Member

    In the past we had a buyable warp setup kinda thing and it didn't work very well
  3. csgs

    csgs Member

    I am working on the better shop, /mail me if you would like a stall in Hermitopia/Mall of Octopia.
  4. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    ^ See above. If you want a change to the spawn shop items be prepared for a very lengthy discussion regarding microeconomics.
  5. brosif11

    brosif11 Member

    I don't want "Changes" to the prices, but mabye a way of selling more stuff, and/or more items. I would love to be able to buy Ghast tears from the spawn shops, but sadly they are only sellable, and for a super-small price. Tiny additions like this would be nice. Feel free to give me the "MicroEconomics Lecture" because I would love to hear what you have to say, and it may be able to help me understand the shops a bit more.

    Thank you, Brosif11 of Mortalia.
  6. csgs

    csgs Member

    Brosif, I plan to fix this problem with player made shops. I am trying to get a /warp the Mall so more people can visit it, and I am trying to get more shops in so that people will sell their stuff to other players. Thus keeping the money within the people.

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