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Scavenger Hunt

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Today we held an Octopia Scavenger Hunt event! An item would be announced and the first player to bring it back got a point! After several rounds we have some winners....
    1. Ninjagrape2001 - Iron Donator Rank
    2. P3NGUIINS - $15,000 In - Game Money and 100 extra town blocks
    3. Dire_Turtle - $15,000 In - Game Money and 100 extra town blocks
    The runners-up with 1 win each will win $5,000 In-Game Money.
    • Nicheyboy
    • SubTriumph
    • ericb0207
    Thank you to everyone who took part and I hope you had good fun! We will be organising more events like this in the future! Look out for a hunger games match soon!
  2. armadillo28

    armadillo28 New Member

    Congratulations to those who won!
  3. hadyncole

    hadyncole Member

    when will hunger games be roughly and can u keep a good eye out for people using aimbot
  4. brosif11

    brosif11 Member

    I can't beleive I missed it!!! Will there be a second match? If so, when will it be?

    P3NGUIINS Member

    *Cough Nicheyboy Cough* Shhhhhh I didn't say that
  6. ericb0207

    ericb0207 New Member

    Yay i won 5000 :D

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