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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by General_Craft, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. General_Craft

    General_Craft New Member

    Octopia has been losing staff greatly. Not much staff members come on anymore, and the ones who did, are no longer staff. I think this has made Octopia in ruin. When staff is on, more players are likely to join, when more players play. Less players, less donating. Without donating Octopia may fall and ruin it for those who do play on the server. I feel that we should get new staff, active staff, so Octopia can be more of a growing community.
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  2. thomas9078

    thomas9078 Server Staff Server Staff

    I do agree with this entirely
    Staff members don't come on a great deal now
    Apart from Quicunque, i can't think of the last member i saw online
    maybe it is time for some new staff on the server.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
  3. csgs

    csgs Member

    I have seen Minxy but she doesn't do anything to keep the calm on the server, if anything she riles it up more. Myrm, understandably can't get on. So we do need more staff members.
  4. Granducks

    Granducks Member

  5. slugdug

    slugdug Owner Owner

    Sorry. Me and Eliot are in the run up to A2 exams. I'll try and come on more in the next few weeks and get some problems solved, but I'm busier than usual. Once they're done, we'll be on more, and since we are low on staff, we'll probably open staff applications again. Again, I'm sorry I'm not on enough.
    Thanks for continuing to play on our server, you players are what really make it.
    Granducks likes this.
  6. Maddog5703

    Maddog5703 Member

    I was LITERALLY about to post something about the same thing. Octopia needs staff to stay alive! Slug, I'm not accusing current staff of ignoring the server, but Muffins is right, we need more staff so there is usually a staff member online.
  7. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    I am back, took a while for internet connectivity. I'm on European time and working fifteen hour days though, so my time is limited.
  8. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    I thought u were launched and won't be back for 6-8 months???
  9. dig4carrots

    dig4carrots Member

    oh cool ill be staff. I hear no complaints now
  10. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Deployed. And yes, I am deployed Granducks.
  11. Granducks

    Granducks Member

    Oh yay so we can still talk to you :) and what happened to Myrmwife haven't seen here for a while?
  12. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    She was on two nights ago. Her laptop broke right as I had to deploy, I couldn't replace it in time.
  13. Gore-Juss

    Gore-Juss Server Staff Server Staff

    Giggling at the thought of Myrm getting launched like a rocket into Europe

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