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Upgrading to 1.8

Discussion in 'News' started by Eliot, Dec 11, 2014.


What should we do when we update to 1.8.

Poll closed Dec 20, 2014.
  1. New World

    9 vote(s)
  2. Same World

    1 vote(s)
  3. Same World with additional world in 1.8 for resources

    8 vote(s)
  1. Eliot

    Eliot Senior Owner Senior Owner

    Since 1.8 was released there has not been a stable version of a Bukkit server to run Octopia on. I wasn't prepared to use any dodgy mods and builds on the server as all it would result in would be crashes and errors.

    Now that there is a stable build, we are in the position to upgrade to a 1.8 server build and to make 1.8 items available to use on the server.

    We have a few options on how to proceed here.

    1. We start on a fresh new 1.8 world.
    2. We upgrade to 1.8 but do not have a new world.
    3. We upgrade to 1.8, we do not reset the main world. But we will add an additional world for 1.8 resource collection, which would get regenerated regularly.

    After having discussions with some staff and players, the third option seems the most popular and that is what I would ideally like to go ahead with. So I can ascertain what other players think, there is a poll attached to this post and I would be grateful if you could vote on an option.
  2. Quicunque

    Quicunque Member

    I have more time than anyone invested in this world since July (check /ar leaderboard). I am also a regular diamond donor, so I have a good deal of real money also invested. I love Arboria; she has achieved the beauty I always wished for her.

    Nevetheless, I would like to see a new world. Start fresh. Unlooted villages. Ungriefed Fortresses & Strongholds. None of the blight of the old world. I hope there would be a way to archive & visit the old, like a museum. But I want a fresh start, like a noob who has to punch a tree for the very first time.
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  3. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    "blight of the old world" -- That line seems poetic to me.

    Bastion is, by a staggering amount, the largest and most long-lived town on the server. The oldest block in town clocks in at almost 7500 hours, back to when the map first started. Now, having said that:

    We would not be adverse to a completely new map. However, I need to have a serious talk about importing Bastion Main (the town within the circular perimeter) onto the new map. I don't care if the chests and resources make the trip but the sheer, raw building blocks need to come.

    The best of all options would be an entirely separate world.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014
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  4. brosif11

    brosif11 Member

    I think that some of the Largest towns should be imported. Ive also noticed that the world we are in is not 1.8 block compatible. Will this be fixed in the update?
  5. RogueC15

    RogueC15 New Member

    I agree with Quic this world is griefed and we need new and fresh one!
  6. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    If the server still has the same boundary line as the last time I played I do think the server could use a reset on resources. Nonetheless it has definitely some big projects in it, like Bastion.
    I know you probably already have something sorted out for importing a large project like that but I might be able to see to some terrain issues...
  7. armadillo28

    armadillo28 New Member

    I definitely think a new map is required. This one's old and griefed - no were is left unexplored. I understand people, including myself, have an attachment to this map since we've all been playing on it so long, but we thought the same with the 1.6 map and aren't we all glad we upgraded then? This is also a pretty good time to restart since it's new year.
    RogueC15 likes this.
  8. joey387

    joey387 New Member

    new map, this world is messed up and has many players that are so OP new players can not catch up, we need everyone to start again at an equal level
  9. MewBewl

    MewBewl New Member

    too much time and effort has gone into this map for a reset. It would be upsetting to see all this go to waste! I am just not prepared to let this map and all the memories go away. I think we should choose option 3.
  10. moobull

    moobull New Member

    I cannot put into words how upset I am about this reset proposal. If neither option 2 nor 3 are chosen, do not expect me on the new map. =(
  11. moobull

    moobull New Member

  12. moobull

    moobull New Member

    a world download is put up
    brosif11, Quackinator9 and MewBewl like this.
  13. MewBewl

    MewBewl New Member

    I agree with the world download!
    Quackinator9 likes this.
  14. armadillo28

    armadillo28 New Member

    great idea, moo. a world download would be really nice so we could go back and see everything how it was.
    Quackinator9 likes this.
  15. Quackinator9

    Quackinator9 New Member

    Yes! world download! :D good idea!
  16. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    Moobull, please stop shilling with your alternate accounts. Post under a single name please or my eye rolling is going to require medical intervention soon.

    Joey: You said too many people are "op" on the server presently. How would a map reset change that?
    brosif11 likes this.
  17. joey387

    joey387 New Member

    Myrm, In a map re set would inventorys and chests not go? I meant over powered with insane gear, making it impossible for new players to survive contact with some of them
  18. Myrmidous

    Myrmidous Server Staff Server Staff

    If we reset then inventory and chest contents will not go. In my town's case the raw, physical build of Bastion will remain but none of the resources -- iron, diamonds, etc -- will be imported. All players will start buck naked with a set of stone tools, nothing else sir. This would include Staff and donators.

    [Edit:] "Survive contact"? Who is chasing you down and murdering you, sir? I haven't seen any roving gangs of PvP crazy OP players lately...
  19. ColdMinerX

    ColdMinerX Active Member

    Did Penguins leave? Last time I checked he and his gang were the "crazy pvp people" when I played :p
  20. michelle346

    michelle346 New Member

    I agree with a new map, barely anything has been left unexplored, the new year can bring a fresh start as well. I also agree with the map download. Good idea! Bigger towns such as Bastion should be able to import their towns.

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